Monday, December 15, 2008

Trixie Senses Birds

Saturday was a fine day on the river. However, when I returned home I discovered that one of my son's friends had used my primary computer(against my house rules) and I can now not use it. Plus, he is now on my **** list. He used up the rest of the virtual memory and I can not get a screen. So now I must post from a lap top upon which I also loaded my photos. It is difficult to see, so the colors here are poor. When I get back on track I will redo this page. At any rate, the river has herons with breeding plumage and the pileated woodpeckers were everywhere. Difficult to get a clear photo, though. I'm also setting up a router and since I don't fully understand it conceptually, I am not sure if what I am doing is correct. I need Jon Penfield up here but he is in a Goofy suit at Disneyworld. They like those tall fellas for the Goofy suit.


  1. Here's both visual and written help:

    Home Network Diagrams
    How to Set Up a Network Router
    Home Network Primer Video
    Setup a Wireless Home Network Video

    The videos are a tad tedious, but worth slogging through. The cats remind me of the cats in the Capitol Cash & Carry Hardware store on Railroad Avenue.


  2. What an awesome shot of an osprey. There is a sense of great urgency and purpose in its posture.