Sunday, June 20, 2010

NO Nestle Water! Friday on The Wacissa River: Lots to see

With Irwin busily fixing things around the homestead, I was able to take a float Friday on the Wacissa. What would I do without Irwin? He's fixed eight things on my list, already. His website is

These moorhen babies were so cut and very tiny!
Barred owls have red eyes in photos, under the forest cover. I tried to make them different but he just looks pop-eyed now!
This crayfish was floating at the boat launch. More crayfish means more otters. Yay!
Pileated woodpeckers poking about on Duck Island
This barred owl is with his nest mate in the channel that leads out of Blue Spring to the south. They seem to have moved just down the river from Cassidy where they were born together two years ago.
The barred owls are near this cavity in the Blue Spring channel. No one flew in or out of it so I don't know if it is in use or not.
High in the sky over the river I spied a woodstork, soaring majestically.
The swallowtails are coming out to sample the pickerell weed nectar.
Apple snail eggs means more limpkins in the future. Another yay!
I caught a glimpse of a swallowtail kite today, as well.
Nice size alligator. I'm guessing a female. This alligator was near the top of the river. His size suggests male.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunset over Piney Z Lake

I took a brief trip to the lake last night when I saw the cloud formations because I knew the sunset would be pretty. Here are some images from the trip. All from the kayak.