Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Canadian Geese: Up close and personal

I rode back to the geese pond yesterday evening to feed the geese. When I was a wee one and we lived aboard our sailboats at the Detroit Yacht Club, I fed the mallard ducks every single day. We never had any leftover bread or crackers.

I realized I can feed the geese my leftover bread and I won't waste it, and I'll get my exercise... since it is really a three mile round trip to the pond . so I am going to make this a regular trip on my bicycle as I did last night. But if you really want to see some great bird pictures go to paddletales!


  1. Are the geese migratorial or do they stay year round? A few years ago there was a pair that nested damn near in my back yard when I lived on a small lake in Lakeland Fl. I fed them grain and damn if they did just settle in and raise their brood and stayed on the lake instead of flying North for the summer. I got a kick out of them but they can become pests if they get TOO tame. But they do make a good Sunday dinner.

  2. They seem to be staying year round and they are pesty: stopping traffic and such...but I bet they are good eating....hmmmmmm