Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kozmik Debriz 1953-2007

Farewell to a master of the universe Mark Robert Wright b. Aug 27, 1953- d. October 30, 2007
Mark's fifth wheel burned up at Stephen Foster Park in May. Here he is the next day with his bed at Ocean Pond. He was sleeping under the stars. Mark didn't look back. He was planning to go north and to refit his diesel truck with a step in and do Clifftop and such. My last email to him was to show him one of his t shirts on YOUtube.
Barborville 2005
White Springs 2006

Local Flowers
by Tom T Hall

I have traveled this world over
I have rambled all my days
When my journey's have all ended
Place some flowers on my grave.

Local Flowers, just some Daisies
Wildwood flowers from the hills
Where I will spend my eternal hours
Lay me down with Local Flowers.

Please don't buy those Red Carnations
I don't need the Lilies fair
Just go walkin' on the mountain
Gather while it's blooming there.
Rosemary means that you'll remember

Clover sweet as the love we shared

Mrytle says that you will miss me
Ramblin' Roses say you care.

Let the birds sing from the tree tops
Let the grass grow where it may
No arrangement, no bright ribbons
Just a simple, wild bouquet.


  1. We sure will miss him. Those festivals won't be the same without him. He was a gentle spirit and I'm proud to call him friend.

  2. Though those who know me are aware I'm rather socially inept and not at all outgoing, I knew and liked Mark. I didn't really need to talk much around him -- he was quite willing to carry the conversation himself. :)

    I'm going to miss seeing him at events. As I said on the folkme list, I am going to make a point of wearing some of Mark's work sometime during my hit-and-miss attendance at this year's FFF.

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  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. From the pictures his tye dye art was amazing, and from the comments, he was a kind and gentle soul, I'm sure he will be sorely missed.

  5. Wow... this is amazing. Mark is my older brother. He left our family back in 1977 and we haven't heard from him since. We've often tried to locate him, but our searches proved fruitless until now, and now he's gone. Our family would be most appreciative if those of you who knew Mark would share some of your experiences about him. We have 31 years to catch up on! Does anyone know what became of his belongings? I would love to have one of his tie-dyed shirts. Thanks to all of you who were kind to him.
    J.D. Wright

  6. JD....I spoke with your brother Daniel this morning. I'm sure we'll all be in touch. Yes, there are tie dye shirts! pineyflatwoodsgirl