Friday, March 11, 2011

On The River:3/10/11

This is one of my favorite spots to stop and look around on the Wacissa.
This one is for Liam. I wonder if he has looked at my blog?

This is the river as spring begins to creep in. I woke up about 4:15 this morning dreaming about seeing an ivory bill woodpecker in a tree with other birds in a small town...I didn't have a camera ...then I wake up again and turn on the news. Japan has been devastated by an earthquake and tsunami. It's coming our way this morning. We can't stop it. Will this be the event that makes us realize we are not invincible against the laws of nature? My dream was so nice and reality this morning brings fear and humility.

The red tailed hawks were very active on this day. Birds are more energetic and active in the spring. Easier to photograph in the summer!
I saw a group of deer on the banks of Little River. Or is it New River? I went up there to see if anything looked different because of the Nestle scouting. The deer had about high tailed it before I could get off a good shot!
I came across a pair of eagles early yesterday morning. They were skittish also and I only got long-distance shots.

With my time on the river measured in brief weekly trips, my enthusiasm is up but my camera skills are down. I did notice I could track the flights of the raptors quite well. But getting close was challenging.