Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Wacissa River

I bought myself a tiny video camera a while back called a DXG Model 305V. It was in my price range at 77 bucks. I have been taking videos with it for awhile now and trying to learn how to edit and upload. In the meantime Blogger added a video feature. So now I have videos to share of my blogging from the rivers! I hope you enjoy them. They are quite amateurish and I apologize for that. I am still on the upswing of the learning curve! This video was taken in the late spring.

Look Here for The Ivorybill Woodpecker

No... I haven't found the Ivory bill as yet. I do look every time I am out in the kayak and this is the environment in which I am looking. This is the lower entrance to Blue Spring and in the winter you can easily see all the pileated woodpeckers that like this environment. It is a swampy spring outlet with cypress trees, pines, and sweet gum . Pileated woodpeckers hang out off to the left in a dead end which is easily accessed in winter but not so in summer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Walkin' Here...I'm Walkin' Here!!!!

Peaceful co-existence?

I don't think so! I'm da man!

Watch this, Lady!

I snagged some morning kippers! breakfast!

Lazy Friday on The Wacissa

Is that you again?
Get my profile!

Lazy Friday on The Wacissa

Don't worry dad. This alligator was just yawning! Amazing huh? I like to stay still and become a part of the river....amazing sights are revealed....and since I am a river rat from the Detroit is easy. I gathered up diamonds today, too dad!

Peggy and I ran into Hitchhiker this morning since she has Fridays off from her salt mine. Peggy has some more cool lenses for her Sony and it was good to see her after several weeks of no pal-kayaking...

I learned Janice and her husband have alligator permits and I also learned some more about permitting. Only four permits have been issued for the Wakulla and Janice has already gotten one of her alligators. They sold out in two mintues!

I was invited to go on a hunt....actually I asked to go... I am a little scared though so I'm not sure if I will go. She used a lasso which is on a stick and a stun gun for her first one. They got the one that hangs around the Calico Hill boat ramp. He was ten and a half feet. The gator in this photo is pretty big and he might be toast pretty soon as well...or should I say kabob? I will be having some kabob one way or another from the Wacissa this year! And eventually, I will be a part of this holy place when Nathan and his wife scatter my ashes! I belong here, I am sure.

So about eight gators will be taken from the Wacissa but I believe she said 32 would come out of Lake Miccosukee! Wow, I have only been kayaking a tiny bit on that lake!

I don't blab a lot on my blog but I suppose I should finally say after two years of blogging that I am a psychotherapist. But really, who would care? This is my therapy... or some of it, at least!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Thoughts

I was chatting with a fella at the river yesterday and he told me alligator hunting season had opened. His permit, which begins in three weeks, cost him $380.00. I guess they stagger them so all those adrenaline junkies aren't out on the river at once slinging arrows and harpoons at one another! He plans on selling gator kabob at his canoe rental spot! This little gator will not be affected! But the ten and a half foot big fella up in headwaters will be kabob in a few weeks! He told me you can not use a rifle or a pistol. I can definitely live without going on an alligator hunt.
Little green herons and tricolored herons are some of my favorite bird subjects. They seem less skittish than some of the other birds and I like their fishing habits. This one was well-camouflaged on this thicket of toppled branches.
Lying in the hammock quiets the mind and this is one of the sights.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hey baby!

The Rebuff

Sorry, you're just not my type!

We like green goo all over us!

That lady is following us again.

Berries for breakfast!

Oh, berries! And they even match my hair!

Spearing Sunday Brunch

Hmmmm? What am I in the mood for? What should I have? What looks tasty?Is that kippers? I can barely see it?
Yes! I think it is kippers!
I have to dunk for it....How undignified! I'll ruin my hair....
Kippers! Oh boy! It's worth a dunking!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rainy Friday at the Wacissa

This little lady was the first of many,many otters I saw this morning on the Wacissa. She was near Cassidy Spring and she waited patiently for me to paddle up to her as if she wanted me to bear witness to her lunch. I watched otters for several hours today as they were all hungry and the river seems to have an abundance of crawfish which seem to be a favorite delicacy.

I took a couple of portraits today. Here they are. Click on them and enlarge them to see more detail.

This is a juvenile ibis. (Not paying attention once again)

This alligator is only about three and a half feet long.