Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking with Trixie

Okay girly...I'll come away from the shoreline but I didn't see no alligators!
Are you going to follow me or what?
There's some mighty intersting smells around here!
Back over the railroad tracks to the trailhead
Are you coming?I need a treat!
Hot on the trail!
Some more of your woodpeckers, girly!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dixie Trixie: Walking to Piney Z

This is the way, girly! Turn right at the railroad tracks, not left!

There's the cypress roost! Did he strip the bark, girly? Or was it one of your ghost birds! arf arf!!

I like it when it's cloudy!

Some people mistake me for fuzzy slippers at night!

Time to stop and smell the flowers...

I don't really like this leash, girly! That thing wiggling by the edge of the lake was a mudfish not an alligator; I'm telling you! But thanks for the walk...