Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Nestle Water! Wacissa Sunday 4/11/10: Where are the birds?

It was natty out today. Here's a swarm of them!

I needed a river trip Sunday afternoon late so I took off for the Wacissa and launched at 5:45pm. The river has been very high and there haven't been many birds. The limpkins are completely gone. I'm told someone decided apple snails needed to be eliminated. Eliminate the favorite food of limpkins? What for?

I'm afraid that since the Suwannee River Water Management arm of state government has taken over, bureaucracy will destroy the life on this river. but, I'll wait and see. but I tried to capture the various movement of light on the trees as the sun went down in the west.

Walking The Piney Z Trail: 4/10/10

Ride with me as I bike the path from the Alford Greenway down into Piney Z.
We have to find the entrance. It's a ways down the path but well-worn from bikes.
Look down the tracks as we cross them to get to the lakes.

Look towards the sun and Lake Lafayette.
Look at Piney Z Lake.
Redwing blackbirds call their mates.

Trixie and I share the path between the lakes.
Who can resist these bright orange legs.

Marvel at the twists of live oaks along the path.
Find your way home again.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Wacissa Friday : 4/2/10

The green herons are beginning to show the bright plumage and orange legs of breeding season.

There are flocks of ibis on the river. It was a good Friday.

Although the birds aren't as numerous as in past years presently, they are still companions on the deadfall along the river. I think the apple snails were killed off which makes the limpkins go elsewhere for their favorite lunch.
Lots of snakes on the river. I seem to see more now that I am aware of them. More startling than alligators, actually. and I don't know which ones to avoid, yet.
The Suwannee cooters are out enjoying the warmth. I was downright hot in my long sleeved cotton shirt and felt swoonish a couple times while I was out. It's time to get used to the heat.
I saw several swallow-tailed kites today.
I really did enjoy the heat and sunshine today. The water is very high but it was clear. I also heard baby barred owls but I could not find the nest cavity even though I search for twenty minutes in the area I heard them. Maybe next time. I expect to go out this coming week as I am going to make more time during the week to enjoy the dharma of the river.