Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wacissa 2/20/10

This nest may be for the red-shouldered hawks. That's what kind it looks like to me.
Not a very good photo of a barred owl way up in a tree. I think this may be one of the twins born a couple of years ago.
Egrets have breeding plumage now.
Yellow rumped warbler. Lots of warblers and knatcatchers but difficult to photograph flitting about on the water's edge.
Big daddy raccoon.

Male red shouldered hawk.

This wooden boat was a beauty. I wanted to show it to dad since he appreciates all that teak and especially the fact that he no longer has to keep up any teak of his own. Making the bed and doing the laundry is difficult enough for him at this point. But he won't let me do that for him yet. Mother got cellulitis in her leg from a scratch from Sutry when he came to visit two weeks ago. Oh dear.