Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have You Seen My Dear Companion?

Girly, haven't you spent enough time indoors? Take me on one of those adventures where you take that big red thing and hoist it up into the back of the white thing that takes me to the treat store....
Well, this is quite an interesting afternoon girly! Much better than the yard, by far!
Did you bring any treats, perchance?
What was that? Did you see that girly? That was a very large flying thing!
The GBH's were everywhere today amidst the storm clouds and rain. My pictures were mostly fuzzy though. I enjoyed the wet dog smell in the boat , though.
These fat herons like to swallow their fish in big gulps. This one only found minnows at this stop. I also watched a Cassidy Spring owl swoop down and snag a succulent wood duckling from the line behind it's mother. It was too gruesome to post, however!
These are islands of vegetation which broke loose while I was kayaking and began to float downstream. I imagined this tricolored heron was a riverboat captain. He seemed to be piloting this floating island.

Trixie has turned out to be a jolly good river dog. She watched everything she could see and smell on the river with keen attention. I think I'll take her out again!


  1. Great pictures and comments!

  2. Did Trixie help out with some dog paddling?

  3. Well, Peggy thinks that Trixie would be gator bait in the boat, so I think rather than test this theory any more I will leave Trixie at home from now on.

  4. How fun to be able to take your dog out on the kayak!