Monday, August 18, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, my friend with the most animal sense, Peggy of Paddletales, thinks that taking Trixie out in the kayak is inviting the Wacissa gators to consider her a tasty morsel. Rather than make her gator bait and testing this theory, I will be leaving her at home from now on! Sorry Trix! You'll just have to stick to checking yourself out in the truck bumper from now on when you're done with working on the axle!


  1. Why would you want to deny the gators a little snack now and then? Boy, that's really unfriendly!

  2. Recalling an incident (which I will not discuss in detail) involving a pontoon boat on the St. John's, a small cat named Backpacker, and an unnamed saurian, I have to approve of your decision. They will do what they have been doing successfully for 130 million years.