Friday, April 07, 2006

"There's a wild Gulf Hammock"

Will McLean once wrote a song about a wild hog in Gulf Hammock that was legendary because he was so much bigger than most, and he was uncaught. I believe this was the wild hog in the legend.

Wild Hog

by Will McLean

There's a wild hog in Gulf Hammock I don't wish on any man

My blood knows his hurtful tushes Darked the brown and yellow sand

Darked the brown and yello sand Wild hog!

It was on a lonesome evening Purty near the setting sun

Wasn't thinking I got careless didn't even tote a gun

There he stood, his red eyes burning, Slobber running down his jaw:

Never seen a sight so fearful Chilled me to my very maw.

Times at night I gits to thinking And the shivers colds my spine

I walk out into the moonlight: That old hog's still on my mind.

There's a wild hog in Gulf Hammock I don't wish on any man:

My blood knows his hurtful tushes Darked the brown and yellow sand

Darked the brown and yellow sand. Wild hog!

I have an old friend who hunts big game. I bet he salivated when he saw this hog. Personally, I'm grossed out by the gun.

This man, Larry Earley lives on twenty acres in Okahumpka. Although this sounds like an urban legend, it is quite true. He shot this hog in 2004. I guess he has a lot of friends who like bacon.

This hog would only have to have a seventy mile range to have been the hog of Will McLeans's legend. And he wouldn't even have had to cross the expressway. He could have gone under an overpass!

I like this song which I sing with Dougie and The Enablers aka The Morbid Tablenapkin Choir:

TAILS AND TROTTERS(Judy B. Goodenough)

Little piggy hollered in the middle of the night,"Tell me now, Mama, I wanna get it right.

What'll I be when I get big?""Hush," said his mama, "You're gonna be a pig.


"That's how it is when you get older,"You're bacon, butt, and picnic shoulder.

"All my sons and all my daughters"Are hocks and hams and tails and trotters."

"Oh, no," said the piggy, "That's mighty hard,"There's more to me than loin and lard.

"I can walk and talk, I'm young and strong.""Hush," said his mama, "Not for long.""

Oh, no," said the piggy, and he started to howl,"There's more to me than cheek and jowl.

"I'm pink and pretty, I can sing and dance.""Hush," said his mama, "You'll never get a chance."

"Oh, no," said the piggy, "I'll show you all."He went under the fence and over the wall.

He ran and he ran till the moon went down;He ran and he ran till he came to a town.

With a kink in his tail and a wink in his eye,He put on a hat and he put on a tie;

He parted his hair, bought a diamond ring,And nobody noticed anything.

"Oh, see," said the piggy, "I'm one of you."And everyone said, "How true, how true.

"He paid his money and he lived in style;Sometimes he sang with half a smile:


He's a big boar now, he's executive pork,And he eats his vittles with a knife and fork;

He often thinks of the lonesome tuneHis mama sang by the light of the moon:


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