Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just me and the Seaweed Farmer on The Wacissa

Saturday's kayak trip on the Wacissa was unique in that the only other person I saw was this seaweed farmer. It had been storming all day but that never stopped anyone in my family from going out on a river, so off I went! It was very windy, up to 20 knots I'd say but I stayed on the leeward side of the river on the way down. The storm clouds rolled and the wind blew. The air smelled like ocean and decaying vegetation.

I saw a huge, oddly flying bird cross the river and upon investigation I discovered it was a large gobbler who was perching in the top of a sweet gum tree. Before I could get my camera readied he had obscured himself! I saw moorhens, small egrets, and a few herons. All were very busy having afternoon kippers.

About two and a half hours later I began to hear thunder so instead of becoming barbeque hanging on to my aluminum kayak paddle I raced in and just missed the rain and lightening. I kayaked upstream in the middle of the river and it was a rapid trip back.

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