Monday, July 28, 2008

Wacissa Sunday

This is a limpkin lunch counter. Our escargot enthusiasts are currently dining on some other trendier flow of springwater!
This part of the river, which is just south and west of Duck Island, looked so different to me today because of the abundance of growth, I snapped the photo so I could look at it again in winter. Mother checks all the clocks in the house now, to orient herself. I wonder if I could live for a time just telling time by the elements. This sense of time seems more familiar to my unconscious. Our way of counting time seems so mechanistic and against all logic.
My photos were unsatisfying in terms of lighting today. The light of early morning and late afternoon seems easier to understand .
I do enjoy learning how to stalk green herons. They are not necessarily spooked by movement but a combination of movement, splashing, and noise alerts them and they squaw and fly off. But I am getting good at sneaking up on them and photographing their dining habits. (No , mister twenty year old waiter, I am not a steamshovel! I am still dining...not WORKING on my meal !
I like watching birds walk. Bird feel are such marvels of engineering...
Enlarging this tri-colored heron makes one want to have feathers of one's own. They shoudl really call them multi-colored herons or circus herons or pinkeyed herons!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wacissa River Cleanup Day

Saturday was the river cleanup. There wasn't too much trash actually. People seem to do a pretty good job of cleaning up the river during the rest of the year. I took photos for the photo contest. A swallowtail kite was fishing near the headwaters. The otters are back but I had some trouble getting a good photo. I think they are eating crayfish, now. I saw lots of people I knew and later in the day had a fun lunch with Peggy of Paddletales and my mom. Okay, off to church now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mark is Smiling

I can't remember just who sent me this photo but maybe it was Jean. I think Mark is smiling today. Lucky 7-11. Now I can go on the Wacissa River Clean Up tomorrow with a peaceful heart.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Logansport, Indiana: Grandma, Great Grandma, Great, Great Grandma

Dad and mother and I were going through old photographs today. This one gave me quite a thrill! I had not seen a photo of my great great grandmother, Emma Baltzell, who was from Georgetown Kentucky. She is the elderly lady in the front on the left. Next to her is my great Aunt Betty who died at 96. Next to her is my grandmother Velma Emily Lyon. Aunt Bell is next to her. This photo was taken in Logansport, Indiana about 1912. In the back row from left to right is a Shuey, my great grandmother Alice Fitzgerald Lyon, two more Shueys, Aunt Bell's daughter and a lady we don't know. Those grandmas had some strong chins!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shoot Fast! The Old Lady is Doin' The Paddlin'!

Here is my 83 and a half year old mother kayaking! We caught a little fishy on the bow of the boat.

I took my dear mother out kayaking last Saturday morning. We went downstream to Blue Spring and she paddled so hard I missed Cassidy! Anyway, we paddled around the spring listening to folks argue with a rude pontoon boat owner and then went downstream some more. Then upstream and into the headwaters. It was all a blur since my mom is such a strong paddler! But I managed to snap a few photos! When I find the cord to the small Nikon I will upload some photos of the two of us in the tandem kayak which a lady swimming with her grandson at the boat ramp was kind enough to take for us.