Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shoot Fast! The Old Lady is Doin' The Paddlin'!

Here is my 83 and a half year old mother kayaking! We caught a little fishy on the bow of the boat.

I took my dear mother out kayaking last Saturday morning. We went downstream to Blue Spring and she paddled so hard I missed Cassidy! Anyway, we paddled around the spring listening to folks argue with a rude pontoon boat owner and then went downstream some more. Then upstream and into the headwaters. It was all a blur since my mom is such a strong paddler! But I managed to snap a few photos! When I find the cord to the small Nikon I will upload some photos of the two of us in the tandem kayak which a lady swimming with her grandson at the boat ramp was kind enough to take for us.


  1. Can't wait for the picture of you and my wife, your Mom.
    When do I get a turn?
    Love, Dad

  2. Hot dog! A picture of the picture-taker is in the offing. So good....