Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wacissa River Cleanup Day

Saturday was the river cleanup. There wasn't too much trash actually. People seem to do a pretty good job of cleaning up the river during the rest of the year. I took photos for the photo contest. A swallowtail kite was fishing near the headwaters. The otters are back but I had some trouble getting a good photo. I think they are eating crayfish, now. I saw lots of people I knew and later in the day had a fun lunch with Peggy of Paddletales and my mom. Okay, off to church now.


  1. That almost looks as if the Great Blue Heron is standing on "food" of some kind. No?

  2. That's a rock, horseytail. Limestone I think, like the aquifer.

  3. Or maybe its an old cypress tree. Yeah, it is a cypress!