Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunset over Piney Z

The weather is mild today and I wanted to see what was roosting on Piney Z so I took the yellow kayak out for a while before dusk.

The great egrets are roosting at Piney Z

Likewise, the ibises...

A message from the Syrian High Council!


  1. OMG!! What beautiful photos!! May I use them in my scrap & altered art works??? Please let me know! I just connected into your site today and love it!! I wouldn't use any of your photos without your permission though! And I have yet to dig through your archives....it's late here and I need to be up tomorrow with DD so I'm already pushing the envelope for "lateness"...

  2. Please feel free! Gilbert, Arizona, eh? I wonder if you know the lovely folks I recently met from Gilbert?

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  4. I'm back surfing blogs again today. Thanks for permission to use your pics. If I do, I will post on my site and give you the credit!!

    LOVED the DogSnow video clip!! So did my DD. Now THAT'S a love lot of snow! (And one happy/crazy dog!!)

  5. Glad the Sirians came through for you! Beautiful sunset!