Saturday, November 24, 2007

Experience has taught me that baying hounds means something may be jumping into the river any moment. I heard the dogs and waited and this deer with a damaged ear leaped into the river near where I saw the otters. It was pandemonium as the dog began to bite the deer.
This is the hound that attacked the deer first. I left out the attack photo...The deer kicked the dog repeatedly to make him stop his attack.
He swam into deeper water which kept the hound from attacking and she went for the far shore. Another dog joined the first one. But they floundered in the deep water.
The deer kept going for the west shore. The dogs swam about but didn't attack him anymore. He got to the other shore but didn't leave the water. He watched me and then swam up the shoreline waiting for the dogs to go away. They swam about and eventually he got away.


  1. Harp-
    The pictures of the deer and hounds are amazing. Dog hunting of deer is illegal in most places... it is the last retreat of the ignorant and lazy and cruel. You should send these pictures to the Game and Fish Commission and the Tallahassee Democrat... that is a doe being torn up.

    You are really getting some great pictures.


  2. Awsome photos! That poor deer..I'm glad she got away. I hope she didn't have a fawn somewere nearby that could be attacked...
    People need to keep better control of their animals!
    you got awsome photos of the whole ordeal!

  3. Great pictures but deer hunting with dogs is allowed on the Wacissa River as well as alot of other places in Florida. The hunter cannot be with his dog at all times during the hunt and would much rather have his dog back running something he can harvest..Those hunters that people so dispise are also the ones that pay so much into the state for conservation.

  4. My photos aren't meant to take a negative stand on hunting, friends. I assume anyone with a valuable Walker Hound out in woods is following the law because he knows it. I'm sure my second anonymous reader knows the law. I am glad the doe got away, though...

  5. Again, great pictures on your site. Forgot to mention it's not a doe, it's a youg buck. Look at the nots in front of his ears.....

  6. misti at oceanicwilderness.comDecember 12, 2007 3:57 PM

    :( That's so sad! Poor deer. I can't believe you got those shots.