Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wacissa Saturday

I took off for the river in the middle of the afternoon today. The leaves are changing and falling and it is easier to look for the ivory bill woodpecker with the trees dropping leaves. I have been looking down river from Blue Spring. I practiced my bird calls. I have added limpkins, turkeys, ducks, pileated woodpecker calls, and what I thinks sounds like herons to my repertoire.

I saw the reeds moving in this area and sure enough, otters were feeding. They were curious today and leaped onto this log to have a better look at me. In the distance I heard baying dogs. I thought I might see something else if I hung around.


  1. Wow. Nice otters, lady.


  2. your photos are so awsome! I love those otters, I get such a kick every time you post pics of your encounters with them.

  3. You ever see that rare leopard, or whatever it is?