Monday, July 24, 2006

Nathan's parents get married

In the winter of 1980, I married William Otis Dollar of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our son, William Galen Nathaniel Dollar was born October 26, 1982. Our wedding took place at Wilson Park at the Castle which is now called Point 7. It was built by Frank Williams. In this photo from your left is Suzanne Stoner Williams (now West) and Frank Williams. She was pregnanat with Garth. Steve Anderson is next and he officiated. He was a city councilman/Justice of the Peace. The hairy guy in the back is "Dead-Eye" Odom, a peddle steel player we used to play with. Between Bill and I, is Sheila, a girl from Arkansas. Next is my good old friend Larry Doyle. I think Larry is a respiratory therapist now in Texas. He was a medic in Vietnam. Bill is of AG Edwards now and "Bill Dollar and Loose Change." Suzanne is in Episcopal seminary and Frank lives and works in Moscow.


  1. My memory of Bill Dollar involves being anchored in Powell Cay and having you and he play and sing. We soon had an admiring group of dinghys tied to our boat as an audience, remember?

  2. This is a way long shot but... I am an old friend of Larry Doyle and was singing a song today we used to sing in the Army, we were both medics and I found him in your wedding picture. Do you know of anyway to get in touch with him?
    Charles Austin