Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sultry Wednesday on The Wacissa

A darkened yellow crowned night heron...
The great herons were gone for a while but now have returned
He's not as big as he looks here!
This appears to be a Cesna 172, like the one we had when I was a teenager! Dad has informed me he only rented the Cub for a short time. He owned the Cesna. I remember all my trips in it. Like flying to Schulers for cheese and lunch on Sunday.
The green herons are plentiful now but still skittish....

Giant swallowtail somewhat worse for wear...
I saw prothonotary warblers today!
Love birds!

I took advantage of some schedule changes today to take a four hour float on the river. I haven't been back for some time and I noticed my eyes were not as keen for movement. I saw many, many alligators and they are beginning to give mating calls. I discovered that paddling into a school of mullet will initiate their jumping. An interesting discovery... The otters are still nowhere in sight. Their long gestational season must mean they will be abundant about mid July, which is what I remember from last year. I had in mind today to find as many butterfly species as I could but the overcast skies and bit of rain seemed to keep them hidden. They need sunshine! Spider lilies have tendrils pointing to the sky now...It felt so nice to be back on the river to see what the beginning of summer brings. I heard the bears are swimming across now but I haven't seen one yet. That will be lucky!


  1. It was a Cessna 172, not a Piper Cub

  2. Loved the warblers snuggling, the heron photo was great - nice selection all around!

  3. That little yellow bird is a cutesy. Glad to see you can photog little birds as well as big honkers.

  4. Wow....these are Fabulous shots!
    Great Work!