Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Sights

I went over to Fernandina Beach with my folks last weekend and this sign on a bar in the riverfront area tickled me. I haven't posted my other Fernandina Beach photos yet. I am so used to keeping my true self still and quiet while other people talk I tend to withhold self-revelation on the blog. I want my photographs of nature to be the world my non-working mind dwells in I guess.
The pileated woodpeckers were finally back along the river but they are difficult to see with all the summer vegetation. I have decided I like winter floating better. It's easier to see into the trees to spot songbirds in winter and the river is so much more peaceful and empty of human discussions which punctuate the natural sounds so much in summer. But heck, I jabber too when I with someone on a float!
Although this photograph isn't a stunner, it shows how much life exists along the river banks in summer and that is why I included it.
This swallowtail was on my lantana at home after my float and so I included it. I have lots of lantana in my yard and it always has butterflies in the bright sunshine in summer. I am planning to put in another banana tree where the persimmon failed to prosper. I want a better crop of bananas out of my little plot around the house. The fig trees are filling up nicely now and although I have a few pears on my trees, it appears as though the animals have already invaded the pear trees. I also have a half built pond in the back yard I must tend to but falling on my ass out of the hammock last month has slowed me up!


  1. Wow! I am so envious of your birds!! They are Beautiful!
    Great shots!!

  2. Your owl was so stately - loved every photo!