Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Morning in the Yard

The yard is intoxicating this morning. The pond flowers are blooming, the jasmine is fragrant and the cardinals, wrens, bluejays, hawks, and pileated woodpeckers put on a show for me....Woodpecker photos are still dim however; I may not show them yet. They should be here for a few more days in the early morning. Listening to all the birds is thrilling...
Then later this afternoon, while finishing The Kite Runner in the hammock, I saw it. A swallow-tailed kite. I yelled its name without even realizing I knew it... I couldn't get a picture though and so you will have to imagine it.
Late afternoon was for kayaking Piney Z Lake. There were alligators everywhere and when they began to seem like little scaly motorboats all around me I decided to return to the launch. One surfaced and began a charge and I paddled backwards, splashing and making my loudiest alligator scaring burp noises. I was rewarded with a look at many red-wing blackbirds but the alligators were guarding the dredge thicket and I didn't want to threaten any nests. Since I was the only boat on the lake once again I felt somewhat vulnerable. Not too many things scare me, but alligators do!

I also ran into my friend Chuck, whom I worked with as a volunteer at SAIL High School and the Florida Folk Festival. He is in charge of this park among others, for Tallahassee Parks and he likes the outdoors as much as I do. He had a neat GPS tracker on top of his hat and it made maps on his wide screen telephone which he showed me. He told me about wheels for my kakayk and we parted with plans to chat at the Folk Festival. He runs the campground. Hi to Nathan from Chuck.

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