Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Nestle Water! Wacissa Sunday 4/11/10: Where are the birds?

It was natty out today. Here's a swarm of them!

I needed a river trip Sunday afternoon late so I took off for the Wacissa and launched at 5:45pm. The river has been very high and there haven't been many birds. The limpkins are completely gone. I'm told someone decided apple snails needed to be eliminated. Eliminate the favorite food of limpkins? What for?

I'm afraid that since the Suwannee River Water Management arm of state government has taken over, bureaucracy will destroy the life on this river. but, I'll wait and see. but I tried to capture the various movement of light on the trees as the sun went down in the west.


  1. The birds might have gone and played hide and seek, but the beauty is alive and well.

  2. Hopefully the river doesn't get caught in that net ... Here's a toast to enlightened water management!