Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Thoughts

I was chatting with a fella at the river yesterday and he told me alligator hunting season had opened. His permit, which begins in three weeks, cost him $380.00. I guess they stagger them so all those adrenaline junkies aren't out on the river at once slinging arrows and harpoons at one another! He plans on selling gator kabob at his canoe rental spot! This little gator will not be affected! But the ten and a half foot big fella up in headwaters will be kabob in a few weeks! He told me you can not use a rifle or a pistol. I can definitely live without going on an alligator hunt.
Little green herons and tricolored herons are some of my favorite bird subjects. They seem less skittish than some of the other birds and I like their fishing habits. This one was well-camouflaged on this thicket of toppled branches.
Lying in the hammock quiets the mind and this is one of the sights.


  1. They kill alligators to eat? We don't have any of those, so I don't know whether I feel that's barbaric, or not. Somehow, it just seems....ew!

  2. Horseytail...You might find the meat of a large reptile distasteful, eh? My first and only gatortail was at The Lone Cabbage Fish Camp on the St. John's River. Many people won't eat anything with a face!