Saturday, February 16, 2008

Politics, The Chase, and Courtship

I put in about nine thirty this morning and immediately heard some noises I had never heard before on the river. Snorfling, snorting, screeching, and snuffling. I followed the noises to find otters mating and this fella circling about waiting for a slim chance to become a suitor. Would you turn away a suitor covered in green goo if you were an ottress? The little blue herons are back and he looked dapper in this stance!
The wind was quiet, the mullet were jumping, the light was good, and I was renewed.
Since this is the beginning of mating season, there are many redshouldered hawks on the Wacissa.
I've had some unpleasant political arguments with a few friends and relatives, as of late and I thought the river would be a respite from this....ha! Guess who he's voting for? I think this is my long lost brother, Apollo. His boat matches mine and we like the same politicians!
I heard the baying of hounds this morning which usually means a deer is about to cross the river to make a getaway. Splash! Over my shoulder from the eastern bank, north of Blue Spring...
This beagle was a ways behind the deer. He turned around after sniffing the air and decided to return to the eastern bank. Prize beagle with a tracking collar! Friend of the King of Dogs???

I should warn Wacissa wannabes that the river often is visited by silver UFO's which flash and hover over the water, such as this one. If you come back from the river smelling fishy, you have probably been abducted by aliens who have done unspeakable experiments on your corporal being with a Budweiser can.


  1. Fun posting! I love your word "ottress."

  2. Nice pix, Flatwoods. Is that a mullet you got skipping high as an elephant's eye?

  3. That's no mullett, horseytail...that's a UFO I tell you!!!!!

  4. I know I will always enjoy a wonderful view from your camera here.
    What a lovely river and all in it--that RSHawk, especially perfect pose!

  5. I lived in northern Florida for a while a long time ago. Your wonderful photos bring back memories but also make me wish I had paid more attention back then.