Friday, October 12, 2007


I had a free morning yesterday so I decided to go back to the Wacissa for a few hours. I meant to get there at dawn but it was nine am before I actually put in. The river is very low and I had to boost myself over the sand bars in the boat launch channel. Otters were not as plentiful today but I did take some shots of a snacker in Cassidy Spring. There were not a lot of wading birds today, nor did I see any bitterns or little green herons. I have been seeing more alligators than in the summer, which surprises me. Maybe it's because of the water table. On Monday I got up near one sunning himself and he exploded into the water in a shower of muddy silt. He wasn't near enough to cause a problem though. Just a big splash!

The woodpeckers are becoming more plentiful around Blue Spring and I saw several varieties. I am looking again for The IvoryBill and may be going out of town to do so soon. I found pileated woodpeckers, of course. With the water so low however, I can not get back where I like to search around the big spring.


  1. Back to the Choctawhatchee to search for the elusive Ivory Bill? Y'know, that sounds like song material...

  2. We could collaborate by email and maybe get a Will McLean contest song if we finish by the deadline. Shall I start?

  3. Inspiration hit immediately and I have three verses of the 'Ivory Bill Blues.' Rough, of course, and who knows if they're any good. Sure, we could collaborate -- I'll send 'em along.

  4. cool! I love the gator pic, but the one that cracked me up was the one with the turtle and bird..the bird looked like he was standing on the turtle.

    Do you ever have to worry about gators attacking? I'd be a nervous wreck I kayak is green and I imagine it to look like a real purty girl gator for the boys to want to get to know. LOL