Sunday, January 06, 2008

Worshipping On The River

Not the same photo but the barred owls like a certain branch over Cassidy Spring and I can always find one.
I thought these night herons were gone but evidently not.

I skipped church today which sent mom into a tailspin and I am so sorry....She was expecting me but I am used to Sundays on the river so I will have to figure this one out. We are all having some grief over the changes. I feel guilty about moving them although I know it was time. Dad still is stalwart even though he misses his friends too. He has always been so practical and reasoned about stuff I know it was right when he said it was but I hate to uproot them. The Yacht Club was due to close probably for good in June though anyway, since Wayne Huizinga is buying it up so their place to socialize such as it was would be gone anyway. Walking new places has been more treacherous for them and mom has hurt herself as has dad but it is safer, easier, and simpler over all for them. But they miss their friends, their routines, and everything familiar.


  1. Debbie is not "responsible" the time was and is right. I know this, but it is hard to uproot 40 year old relationships, but again, the time is right!!!
    love Dad

  2. I hope things turn out okay for all of you.

    In the meantime, how did Will's songs do?

  3. My first visit to your site--and the photographs tell me I'll be back.
    You must have a beautiful area to be able to casually post such finds as otters and a barred owl.

  4. I'm sorry your parents are having a hard time with the a military wife, I can so appreciate that feeling. It's so hard giving up your friends and familiar places, but it's also fun discovering the new....they'll get used to it and get settled in new routines before you know it.
    Your pics are fun as always, I'm loving on those otters and can't wait for the day you catch the cool that will be!