Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wacissa Wildlife

I like this photo because you can see the design of this turtle's underside shell.

Psychedelic ducks! (enlarge for the full effect)
Cassidy spring fisherman.

I needed to go to the office this morning to work but I couldn't drag myself in that direction so I went to the river instead! I arrived about 9:30 am and after a brief chat with Mr. Bob I cast off. These male wood ducks were near the boat ramp along with early morning otters which I've left off. I meandered down the starboard side of the river which I like better for some reason and shot pictures all morning. The river was pretty hot today. I have been having nice dreams all week which is an unexpected surprise. I had two dreams about finding the ivory bill woodpecker with four other people as witnesses. It was so real. Last night I dreamed about someone who is supposed to show up on September 18th. But where will they be?
I'm also listening to DB on a new NPR show with performances from The Philadelphia Folk Festival...some songs I've not heard done before. A nice afternoon.

I am spending more time with mom and dad and I have been going about every other week to south Florida. I needed to work a full week and go to a workshop on Friday though, so I've arranged to go this next weekend and this weekend is for catching up with work, unloading the van, and helping Nathan with edits. I am moving some of the parental units things up before the condo sells in hopes of making their move easier. We wish it would happen soon. I want them closer to us.


  1. I'm on your side!
    Love Dad
    PS, as always, beautiful photography!

  2. I agree with your Dad~we are constantly amazed by your beautiful photos!

  3. You're a good daughter, and not just for your pictures.

  4. Wow..sounds like you've been busy! I love the photos, especially the turtle, wood ducks and owl. Very cool!

  5. WoW!! that says it all really, fantastic photos!

    leanne x