Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Friends

Every turtle shell has a story. This looks like a prop collision accident.
I've never seen a limpkin hang their wings down like this. Maybe it's a way of stretching.
I had some time between morning and afternoon patients today and I opened my email at the office and saw Peggy was going paddling.... so I slammed the office door and ran out! I called her on the cell phone and we arranged to meet at the Wacissa. I got there about 11:30 am and ran into a friend of mine that I have volunteered at the Florida Folk Festival and SAIL High School with, and we had a chat. We laughed about the Lake Lafayette kayak trail being a hiking trail at the moment and he warned that the winter would be dry. I then eased into the Pelican and went downstream at a faster clip than I normally do to catch Peggy. I never saw her all day. I figured she went to the eagle tree and I was right. I had to get back to the office by 4pm to see patients and I posted these photos while I was rinsing off the river water. The river was low and the hydrilla was extra thick but the otters were out everywhere. I can spot them almost instantly now with all the practice. I noticed they were holding their tails up today, too! Everyone was scratching, too!

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