Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday on the River

Will the bigger wing span win? Or will the compact flyer win?
It's that lady again!
This fella seems to have lost his left claws. Probably an alligator mishap.
This osprey is having sushi for lunch.
Bob, The Tame Limpkin!
My ducks are all in a row, quacking in unison!
Swallowtail? Schaus?
I was so happy to be on the river this morning after two weeks away. I checked first to see if Mr. Bob of The Wacissa Canoe Livery had snagged some gator tail but their boat died and they have to wait for the next round of hunting time and a new engine! I cast off at 9 am and spent six hours with only one airboat bothering the birds at the very end of the day. Four seaweed farmers were out today complaining about the competition and the dearth of good weed! I took my usual hundred and forty two photos but I didn't feel as though I got any really funny ones today...I hope you like them. They're the usual suspects: fish stealer's, the lot of them!!

I also managed to get the lawnmower started and got the grass cut. I am death to lawnmowers and this one had a jammed cord for the past week. I got out my tools and I guess it got nervous, because it unjammed itself. at one point, I had four in my garage in varying states of disrepair. Now I have three but one is a pushmower with no engine.

I also made lasagna for us and for my neighbor and when we finish editing Nathan's case study, I will have had a very nice Sunday.


  1. It doesn't seem fair that you have all the great birds and we got pipsqueaks like American goldfinch. I don't know; maybe it's a red state/blue state thing.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always Abby. Can't wait for the day that I can go out on the river with you again.

  3. I love those otters!!!

    Miss T

    P.S. - Great pics!!!!!

  4. Miss Trashahassee!
    How did you find me? I'm hiding....

  5. Great photos! I'm living vicariously thru you and paddletales. Have a great weekend.