Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mom does Adventures with Dad

This is a photo of my mom bargaining for mollas with the Indians of Cape San Blas on the western coast of central America. She took a sailboat trip with dad and friends who owned a big sailboat called Kodiak some years ago. She traded one of her watches for mollas. I've always enjoyed imagining what an adventure they must have had that time.

If I can work the equipment here I'll put up some more pictures of this trip. It sure is nice having DSL. Everything is quick. I guess I'll get to watch YOUtube videos of favorite musicians today! Maybe even take a kayak trip around Munyon Island.

Mom is in the hospital today and I came down to S.Florida yesterday to be with the both of them. She doesn't like the hospital and wants to come home NOW! Hope the docs let her out tomorrow. I'll probably be making more trips than usual down here for awhile.

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