Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mystery at Blue Spring

I was telling Peggy about a strange cement marker I saw at Blue Spring which we could not find on our most recent trip yesterday and so I thought I'd put up a photo of it. Be the first one on your block to tell us what it means!


  1. It's a property marker for the Saint Joe Paper Company - SJPC

    After Ed Ball's death in 1981, it eventually became the Saint Joe Company. As I recall, over a million acres in north Florida. Southwood, in Tallahassee, is only one of the developments on this land.

    Ed Ball owned the lodge and property around Wakulla Springs, and is the person who had the fence put across the river below the springs.

    These concrete property markers were once quite common in north Florida.

    More Than You Want To Know About St Joe

  2. Wow, Charles must know the area. Do you kayak? Do you have a blog? Thanks for clearing up the myster.