Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunset over Three Rivers

Monday afternoon I tooled out to Three Rivers State Park to see what Peggy was up to. It was way too windy to paddle until dark, so we hiked and drank wine, ate dinner, chatted with the campground hosts, and took a night kayak paddle. I took a few photos. I thought I took photos of the boats but I can't find them. They must be Ninja; you can't see them. A cool thing happened today. Brian Rolek of the Auburn Choctawhatchee team added me as a friend to his Facebook so I signed up. I'm young again!!!

When I finish my semester work I will be going back over to the Choctawhatchee. I figure the ivory bills will have hatched their young and I can find a pair and a juvenile for my first photos! Peggy gave me an ivory bill tee-shirt, which I stuffed into my deck box on my last kayak trip in the Pelican when I got hot and just rediscovered it. She believes in manifesting and is working on a Pathfinder! So maybe the shirt will help. I have to get her a woodstork mug from The Lucky Lad's store. I figure my bird magnetism is pretty good as well and I just have to get motivated and get over there. But I really didn't want to tramp around in the study area. Stay tuned.

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