Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kayaking Blue Creek

I took a trip to Lake County this weekend to try to pick up Mark's mail in Altoona. I was so disappointed to find that the US Postal Service had returned it all to sender when the box rent ran out even though I called three times to tell them I was coming to get it. They failed to tell me I could have it rerouted, as well. After that fiasco we tooled around the county going to book sales and then decided to kayak Blue Creek. This creek is a tributary of the St. John's River below Lake George. We kayaked the entire creek and out to the St. John's River and back to the creek. It was warm and sunshiny with lots of speeding boats on the St. John's. Here is the launch.
Bill in his kayak.
The creek has lots of whimsical bird houses nailed up to trees along the way. I wonder who did this?
Here we have a river icon. River artists!

If I couldn't have taken a kayak trip after the frustrations of the day, my nightmares that night would have been even worse than they were. I am making some headway in reconstructing Mark's story, however and I took notes and taped several conversations. A side trip to White Springs yielded some progress. People, make a will and designate an executor with instructions for retrieving your assets! Don't leave everything to "your friends in the forest" in a note on the dashboard of your truck!