Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon Day on The Wacissa

Tri-colored herons have returned!

A lone merganser fishes for delicacies...
The first little green heron I have seen on the Wacissa this spring.

I decided to add fishing to my kayak trips today. I amused several fish....I dug about eight worms out of my compost heap and the fish were very thankful!As you can see the tricolored herons and the little green herons are back on the river.

A hapless canoeist tipped over his canoe at Blue Spring, spilling camera, cell phone and sundry other items. He was embarrassed! I didn't spill anything but managing a camera, video recorder, and fishing pole was interesting. I may have to split my trips into swimming, photos, and fishing...


  1. I've never fished for a cell phone. They eat worms?

  2. Well what the heck did you catch? How big? (Or, how little?)

  3. That turtle looks high and dry!
    You'd think they could get themselves off a perch, if they have gotten themselves there!

    I've seen my Green Heron, too--first time in 10 years.
    That must mean my big pond is really becoming a frog pond, too!

    I always love your peaceful rides.

  4. I didn't catch anything but a tan horsetail!

    Nina, YOur blog has inspired me. Iread it all the time. I love nature as much as you do but I don't see the small details as well. I appreciate your vision.