Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tandem kayaking with my fearless mother!

My friend Peggy said that the first wood duck ducklings were now hatched and I wanted to see some. Here is my first batch of the year!
Mated wood duck pairs are now in evidence on the Wacissa.
The requisite turtle photos were a thrill to mom!
She couldn't see this baby alligator.
My first sight of the morning was this swallowtailed kite fishing the river.
This is my best mullet jumping photo yet! A biologist told me they jump to attract other mullet with the noise so they can school and ward off predators. Mom was a great paddler so I was free to watch and marvel. But my photos were a bit unpredictable.
The tricolored herons are busy fishing now.
Here is my fearless eighty three year old mother! She has been asking to go kayaking and of course I would much rather be rocking on the river than shopping! So off we went. Mr. Bob brought us a double Old Town which was mighty comfy and stable. My mom paddled like a maniac and I could hardly keep up!

Margie is happy and loved the kayaking. Her first trip but definitely not her last. Now dad wants to be included. But this coming weekend my son graduates from Flagler with a bus ad degree, so we will be busy with festivities. I have been waiting for this graduation for a long time! Congratulations, Nathan! We are all so proud of you!


  1. Hooray, hooray, it's the first of
    May, outdoor kayaking starts today!

  2. Something new in your life. Congratulations to all!

  3. That is cool that you got your Mother out on the water. I like the turtles lined up on the log. I think the best picture of this post is the Mullet lumping out of the water.

  4. Someone left a link to you in my comments and I am so delighted that they did! Your photographs are spectacular! Thanks

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