Saturday, August 01, 2009

Piney Z Lake at dusk

This photo is of the canoe trail at Lafayette Heritage Park from the boat launch area on the third fishing finger of Piney Z Lake. Itwas about six thirty when I launched. I had decided to go out at dusk last Saturday to see what was roosting on the lake.

This is how the dredge thickets look which divide the lake. There are lots of skittish little green herons in this part of the lake but they were difficult to photograph.
Here are some long views of the cypress roosting areas which I like to visit in all seasons.
This little skimmer and his mates were all around the lake. I have never seen them before and I don't yet know their names.
The great egrets are interesting to photograph from the water up into the trees which I only get to do on this lake.

This osprey had a fish and he hauled it all over the lake for about an hour before polishing it off.

Some folks were fishing along the banks. This very large alligator was hanging around hoping for an easy snack.

This flock of ibises cruised in at dusk to roost. In this light these flocks look like paintings to me.

I had a lovely Saturday night on the first day of the Fruit Moon month. Ga'loni, I think the Cherokee call it.

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  1. Great pictures and update, I feel like I was rigth there with you! Mike Lamont, FLorida