Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Images of a Day

This is my great friend "Tie Dye Mark." I have known Mark for about fifteen years. He travels the roads in his rig, making tie dye shirts, pants, dresses, and overalls as he has for more than thirty years. He stays in forests and state park campgrounds. Mark is a conversationalist. Talking with him is an endless delight and I have spent many mornings drinking his coffee and discussing politics, folk music, and people: in parks across Florida. He was at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement Fall Festival where I performed last weekend with my band "Toss The Feathers." Mark felt too tired to set up his booth so he just enjoyed the festival and his many friends.

Here are some of my music friends, old and new. Raven, Jen, and Tara surround my band members Linda Collins and John Sullivan after our latest performance in the old church at the Pioneer Settlement. Linda is a champion mountain dulcimer player and John wins Sean Nos awards on his yearly pilgrimmages to Ireland. They are such fun to play and sing with. You can catch us again at the WeeMoon Spirit Craft Show in Tallahasee on the 19th of Novemeber and again at the mayor's home in December in a benefit for the Tallahassee Symphony.

I stopped at the Appleton Art Museum on the way home and was delighted to find a wonderful permanent collection with many classical and modern paintings. The Appleton is a little jewel on the way out of the Ocala forest on highway 40 which should not be missed. Currently, they have a stunning traveling collection of African and Pre-Columbian art which I spent too little time enjoying on my trip home from the gig.

This is a settlement volunteer making rope with a hand crank. I got to make my own rope and I have it in my truck camper for emergencies. This was a big draw at the Settlement along with the animals and the smithing demonstrations. And let's not forget corn shucking, a volunteer job my son has had at the Settlement in years past

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