Sunday, November 20, 2005

Heaven is a cabin on The Suwannee

This is a long shot of one of the five new cabins at one of my favorite state parks, The Stephen Foster Memorial State Park. This park hosts the Florida Folk Festival every year. It also has many folklife events during the year, as well as workshops, demonstrations, folk coffee houses, and other musical performances. It has a very nice campground and a small old time village with a craft square giftshop shown here. The Stephen Foster Museum depicts scenes of old time southern life from many of his songs.

One of my very smart friends rented two cabins for the weekend so a group of us could sing Suwannee songs and commune with nature. Some of our friends from White Springs came over to sing and play with us. Oh, and I should note that Johnny's mother contributed the best coconut cream pie I have ever nibbled. Thank you!
We had such good food this past weekend, including home made enchiladas and orange cake to die for. My friends are great cooks!

The Florida trail runs a few feet from the cabins and you can hop on at this sign and walk along the Suwannee for a long ways. The trail travels the length of the state and is maintained by volunteers. We needed to hike after those meals! Did I mention Sunday lunch at the Telford Inn? The Telford is an old hotel in White Springs with old world charm and deserves a visit if you are in the area.

Here are some of my girlfriends shopping at the craft square gift shop.

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