Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Busking in Victoria: Dave Harris

One thing I liked about the Northwest was the busking in Victoria and Seattle, something far too untidy and threatening to the good citizens of the South. In a brief moment of respite from bus touring in Victoria, we stopped downtown by the Parliament which is across from the waterfront. Naturally , I went immediately to the dock and found Dave Harris busking. He was singing a Leadbelly song which I have done for many years, On a Monday.

I didn't know that it was a Leadbelly song when I first learned it from a Ry Cooder LP. Nor did I realize that not too many women sang such songs in those days. But I digress. He was so talented I was mesmerized for the brief time we had to look around before we had to get back on the bus...But his blues skill made an indelible impression on my musical brain and I took this picture. Of cours I also sang along. He played mandolin, a couple of national steel guitars, harmonica, and a one footed drum set. He is also reputedly proficient on fiddle which I did not hear him play.

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