Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kayaking Dead Lakes

I awoke late this morning after a late night singing session Friday night at a neat house with a sky deck on the very top of it. I also had a medical procedure which came out okay I think and I was a bit worn out in the morning. The phone rang all morning which was nice but I didn't leave until one pm and I got in the game traffic. Yikes! that was a mistake. Anyway, I wanted to see some areas around the Chipola River. It is definitely woodpecker territory!

I reasoned that if ivory billed woodpeckers are by the Choctawhatchee, they might also be near the Chipola, which is only a score of miles further east. There are lots of tupelo, cypress, sweet gum and pines around this area, which was flooded by the Chipola Dam. So off I went to Dead Lakes which is about eighty miles from me, in Gulf county.

There were woodpecker holes everywhere I looked and I saw various birds, including white ibis, a red shouldered hawk, great blue herons, and otters. The otters were fun and we played hide and seek all along the bank near sundown. I heard many woodpecker sounds but I only heard a faint double knock once. The cypress and tupelo trees are everywhere and the shapes are intriguing. I think they filmed "Ulee's Gold" in Wewahitchka, which is down the road from the state park.

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