Sunday, October 29, 2006

Progeny, Sculpture and The River: A Sunday

I visited my progeny this past weekend in Pensacola. He had a birthday and we celebrated together. I did the mom things for him and we yelled at each other some and hung out. We saw this sculpture while out riding around in the van. I stopped at the Choctawhatchee for a look on the way home.
I had an interesting talk and walk with a conservation officer who knows all about the search team but of course, he couldn't tell me where they have been searching. But I am pretty certain I know the area. I'm going to camp there soon and do some hiking and kayaking.

Nathan let me camp on his floor, buy him some birthday presents, cook dinner for him, and clean his apartment. It was actually a lot of fun since I haven't done the mom thing for a while now. We got a great deal accomplished for his move back to Tallahassee and Flagler College.

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  1. Deb, hope you get the first picture.
    Love Dad