Monday, November 06, 2006

Changing of the Watch

This weekend was another trip to visit the parental units! Dad was attending the Yacht Club Watch Change as the original past commodore. It was a ceremony with pomp, including a bagpiper, Navy Cadets in uniform, flags going up and down, The Star Spangled Banner, and speeches. Great fun for my parents and definitely a kodak moment. Are they PB blue hairs? I guess so... If you're familiar with Chaos Theory, they always remind me of a Lorenz Loop! They even dress as though they are a Loop! Don't you think?

As for me, I am like a moth evading an echolocating bat...I stopped at White Springs on the way home to visit but my intended visitee was not at home. I expect to go out camping for the weekend this coming weekend but as I have several potential destinations, I am not sure just where I will end up as yet. The forest awaits...

Of course, I will be kayaking and looking for the illusive ivory billed woodpecker. If you're wondering why this blog is bland, see me in person for my usual scorching opinions about politics, social behavior, the Bush Dynasty, other people's children, my girlfriend's husbands, other people's musical abilities, and anything else I regularly get myself in trouble over. Here, I try to stay out of trouble but this is the only place that happens....

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  1. I googled "Lorenz Loop", and i still don't know if I was complimented or "dissed"
    Oh well.
    Love Dad