Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bob The Limpkin...but no Ivory Bills

This seemed like the perfect day for a Wacissa trip and as luck would have it my kayaking buddy was ready to go with me today. Peggy told me she had several sights for me to see and our first treat was the headwaters of the Wacissa which I had not ever explored. We discovered that with the right tools we could have taken out at least six air boats in one swoop but as we were plotting, gunshots began to ring out driving us downstream. Perhaps our voices carried...

Anyway, off we went downstream for what turned into a six hour trip. I can kill six hours on a river without ever feeling bored for even a second and today was no exception. I saw evidence of ivory bills stripping tree bark on a sweet gum here. Bob, the Tame Limpkin was holding court after a rather large meal of snails. The lily pads were littered with them and he was sated and posing languorously for me.

I like those reedy things that grow in the river in abundance in the fall and winter. Peggy was taking pictures and as usual has the most stunning ones. We saw an eagle, many mergansers, herons, ibises, and limpkins galore , those helicopter birds that dive into the river...I can never think of their name...(belted kingfishers). I saw at least one large woodpecker with a red tuft and another woodpecker of large size flew over the river and flashed white on his wings. He did not swoop. I heard many double knocks all day, especially along the upper river.

I seem to have a number of pictures of Peggy's back and here is one more....She claims she has a T-shirt that says, "Paddle faster, I hear banjo music" which I thought was pretty interesting but I just got the joke this minute as I thought of this conversational exchange.....LOL
Oh, I can't get anymore pictures to take so I'll put this one up in the next entry....

We tried to wake a sleeping raccoon high in a tree. I sang "horsey keep your tail up...." but I guess he was too high up to worry about any horse puckey...

As I was driving home, Kim called to invite me to see one of her grandsons and have dinner. Jay-Len is precious. Kim and I ended the evening playing bluegrass guitar(she plays lead, I play rhythm) and singing some of our old favorite Carter Family songs. I got to play Kim's old Gibson which was the perfect ending of a fine day...


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  2. Good picture of Bob! I knew it would look great!

    Yeah..."Paddle faster, I hear banjo music"... the never-gets-old Deliverance reference...

    Let's try for 7 hours next time!