Sunday, February 18, 2007

Catching up With Veronika Jackson

Nathan and I took a trip up to Macon, Georgia on Friday to see Veronika Jackson perform at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Veronika is a blues singer originally from St. Petersburg whom I had first seen and heard at the Florida Folk Festival when I was her MC on the Tower Stage, a few years ago. She is beautiful and mysterious, a soulful child of God and a Black woman through and through! If you get a chance to buy her CD or hear her perform, you will be lucky! Here are a few photos from her gig. I am writing an ethnography about Veronika for my Folklore class: my second course towards yet another degree( which will make four)... education junky that I am!

Nathan enjoyed our trip because he spent two days at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame playing B-ball. We also toured the Harriet Tubman Museum which introduced me to many Georgia artists whom I was unfamiliar with including Thornton Dial, Amalia Amaki, Radcliffe Bailey, Ronald Lockett, and Nellie Mae Rowe.

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  1. Great pictures! what a thrill for you. Congrats!!!
    Love Dad