Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kayak Trail at Lake Lafayette

On saturday I also took a short trip into Lake Lafayette from the launch near the railroad tracks at the end of Road To The Lake. I did not do the entire trail since I am unfamiliar with it as yet and I was alone. The water appears to be about three feet in depth and the bottom is very, very silty. I did not see any alligators. There was one other canoe on the trail. This area is a young cypress swamp with flooded fields with fence posts in some areas. It has been dredged and marked and appears to be a pleasant trip. I saw bluebirds, warblers, robins, cardinals, and a great blue heron but did not get any really good bird pictures so I have used the trail pictures only, in hopes of peaking my kayak buddy's interest in doing this trail sometime. ..

As you can see, some yahoo has already shot up the signs with pellet shot...

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