Saturday, June 23, 2007

Floating the Withlacoochee

My dad likes buzzards and we did see this fella on the Withlacoochee last Saturday! When I get DSL later this week I will be able to post lots more photos than I have. I got nagged so much I gave in!

I've floated the Withlacoochee River twice in as many weeks now. This river converges with the Suwannee River in Madison County. There is an old springhouse at the convergence. The river is banked with large limestone rocks and it is filled with mullett and sturgeon. In fact, there is a sign warning boaters to beware of jumping sturgeon, which can seriously injure a boater if hit. All we got hit by was Florida sunshine as we floated about on a sand bank, doing nothing on a hot summer day! My idea of well spent time...I have stayed out of the sun for most of my years in Florida, but lately I've been unable to avoid tanning.

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  1. Deb, somehow thia picture reminds me of 'Stone Henge. Any resemblence]
    when you get a larger perspective?
    Love Dad