Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing Hookey on The River

How long has it been since I've been on the river? It seemed like an eternity this week. I rounded up two friends today...Peggy ( of course, who was eager to see if her newly repaired Mystic would float (ha,ha) and my good friend Sherry; who has put up with me for eleven years on Blairstone Lane. It's great having two kayaks. My friends have no excuse for saying, "No"!
It was very hot today and I began my trip with a dip in the spring water of the Wacissa, which is always refreshingly cold. Sherry is a good wildlife spotter and she spotted a raccoon almost immediately near Little Blue Spring. Peggy got jealous! The purple gallinules have more babies scuttling about on the lily pads and this one was quite the jumper. His uncle looks on.

It took all afternoon to spot a yellow crowned night heron but we did and he was drying his wings, a comical pose when herons do it.

This Swallow Tailed Kite was fishing near the end of our trip. I cropped it with Photoshop Starter Edition.


  1. Every time I aee new pictures, I wonder if there was an Audubon in our family
    Love Dad

  2. My daughter suggested I check out your blog and I am glad she did. Adventure and great bird pics.