Sunday, September 21, 2008

"mico sucios"

Lake Miccosukee is a prairie lake in north western Jefferson county. The Indians who lived along its' shore lived in hollowed mounds and were covered all over in mud. Ponce De Leon's lieutenant Diaz de la Torre y Gonzaga-Palacios remarked that they looked like dirty monkeys and hence the name.... Some years later, General Jackson kindly burned down their village of three hundred homes. The Second Seminole War was led by Osceola...[In a dungeon down in St. Augustine, Chief Osceola wept]...they spoke the Hitchiti dialect.
This is an egret roost in the southeastern area of this prairie lake.
The lake is thick with , tussocks, swamp lily pads, and moorhen paths....

Toklan....Nakni...Tayki...hakla, hica, impa.....O:ki......Ni:lha:si.....


  1. Hi Piney Flatwoods Girl,

    I'm a hydrologist with the National Park Service, down in south Florida at Big Cypress NP.

    Any chance I could use 1 or 2 of your photos in my Photo Of Day feature on my "Florida water" blog. I will give you a photo credit and link to your blog?

    Take Care,